Lionnel Yamentou

The eBooks I have authored

The Pathway to Financial Wealth

Guide to material and monetary abundance

To be wealthy is to be happy and prosperous. There is no strict definition of how much you need to be financially wealthy, but in general, it means having more assets than liabilities. A few years ago, through reading and learning from wealthy and successful people I uncovered the pathway to financial wealth. In this eBook, I share the result of my findings.

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3 Essential Ingredients

To live a successful life

Many books have been written about the strategic steps you can take to live a successful life. Regardless of how you define the word success, in this eBook I share with you 3 essential ingredients in living a successful life. Alter your destiny by reading and applying the principles shared in this eBook.

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Dream Busters

Obstacles to your dreams and what to do about them

Aspiring to a better tomorrow, a better future, is a unique human characteristic. As we set on the path to realize our dreams by turning them into actionable goals, obstacles emerge and hinder our progress. Those obstacles are our dream busters. Get equiped to better deal with the obstacles.

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The 3 P's of Public Speaking

How to make every speech a masterpiece

Public speaking is speaking in front of an audience of two or more people. Every time you speak in public, you have the opportunity to create a masterpiece. What do you want your audience to remember about you as a speaker? By applying the 3 P's of public speaking as they are explained in this book, you will be equiped to turn every public speech into a work of art.

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