Windows Server 2012: The ‘Cloud OS’

Windows Server 2012Windows Server 2012 Day is finally here, as Microsoft officially launches the server operating system that’s been in development for four years and is geared to serve the current needs of IT for secure but reliable access by workers to corporate data and applications regardless of their location and type of device they are using.

Microsoft experts from the Server and Tools businesses delivered a live streaming presentation Sept. 4, doing a deep dive on Windows Server 2012 features in the data center, in the development and deployment of applications and in the delivery of what the company calls “people-centric IT.”

Microsoft officials have dubbed Windows Server 2012 the “Cloud OS,” saying it maximizes the use of cloud computing with the reliability, scalability, flexibility and performance capabilities that are built into the OS.

“Today is a momentous day for us,” said Satya Nadella, president of Microsoft’s Server and Tools business, comparing this launch to the release of Windows NT, which ushered in the client-server era of computing in 1993.

Some of the IT trends that are reflected in Windows Server 2012 are ones that have been discussed repeatedly in IT of late: the consumerization of IT, bring your own device (BYOD), the cloud and Big Data.

“You want to be able to connect the world’s data,” Nadella said. “You want to be able to blend the data that you have in your enterprise with the world’s information to create new value.”

Despite the popularity of cloud computing to help companies reduce the costs to procure and manage hardware, the compute cycles still have to be generated on servers somewhere. Bill Laing, corporate vice president in the Server and Tools business unit, detailed some of the horsepower Windows Server 2012 delivers in a server environment, be it on-premise or at a cloud service provider such as Rackspace, one of several Microsoft partners announcing support for the new OS. Dell introduced new PowerEdge servers running the new OS, and chip-maker Advanced Micro Devices announced that recently introduced Opteron 4200 and 6200 series processor are now optimized to run Windows Server 2012.

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