Wells Fargo revamps mobile banking app for business customers

Back in 2007, Wells Fargo was one of the first banks to offer mobile banking apps to business customers. Now, according to American Banker, the bank is updating its offering, creating a browser-based, mobile-optimized CEO Mobile site. The site was built in-house in HTML5, and all of the current CEO corporate portal’s 89 web apps were re-architected and recoded for the new site. wellsfargobank

The touch-optimized site can scale to the display constraints of whatever device it’s viewed on, according to American Banker, and is meant to make business banking services run smoothly on all mobile devices.

It doesn’t let customers start a transaction on one device and continue it on another, the site said, because every session has to be authenticated for security purposes. The software does, however, let different users within a client company handle different pieces of the same process in separate sessions.

The new site can be customized, the bank said, because some clients have three or four accounts while others have 300.

Wells Fargo will pilot the new site through the end of the year and formally roll it out in 2014.

Source: http://goo.gl/WezXfa

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