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Web DevelopmentIn small and big organizations, who does what is determined by the “Job Title”. There are dozens of jobs titles related to web development, each job title associated with a different set of responsibilities and assignments.

Considering the huge growth of the web industry throughout the last decade, many new job titles have emerged and old titles’ responsibilities have been refined. Let us look at some Web Development Job Titles and their assignments:

  • Web Designer: in charge of the design of websites or web apps. They are in charge of the color schemes and layouts. They also provide or recommend the most appropriate graphics. Most Web Designers have good HTML and CSS skills.

  • Web Programmer/Developer: in charge of writing the scripts that make websites interactive or provide functionality. Most web programmers are proficient in one or more server-side programming language (PHP, Python, Ruby, ASP, etc…) and are sometimes also good web designers.

  • Database Designers: design and create the database(s) that store information for a website. They organize information to make it more accessible. Database Designers are very likely to be web programmers as well.

  • E-Commerce Professionals: they specialize in full retail websites and must be skilled in both database design and web programming.

  • Content Writers: write the text that is used on the website. Content writers work with web designers and web programmers to ensure that the message to website users is clear and unambiguous.

  • SEO Professionals: work with content writers and web designers to make sure your website has a high ranking in search engines, which is makes it easy to find.

  • Webmasters: are in charge of the maintenance of the finished product. Webmasters are usually web designers or web developers who have signed up a contract to maintain the finished product.
Some other job titles related to the web: Flash Programmer/Designer, Database Administrator, Email Marketing Professional, SEO Copywriter, Mobile Web Developer.


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