Vodacom Launches 99 Cents Per Minute To All Networks

Vodacom-South-Africa-logoSouth African mobile operator Vodacom will be launching its latest prepaid tariff plan on Sunday, according to which Vodacom prepaid users will pay 99 cents per minute any time of the day to any network in South Africa.

Vodacom will be launching their latest prepaid tariff plan on Sunday.

“Customers have been looking for simplicity and for value, and Freedom 99 delivers exactly that. Calls to anyone, anytime, on any network in South Africa are now just 99 cents per minute with Freedom 99. It really is that simple,” said Vodacom’s marketing head Enzo Scarcella.

Vodacom also added that “Freedom 99 customers who recharge with R12 or more can talk for free every night with Nightshift. That’s 60 minutes every day for seven days to call Vodacom customers between midnight and 05h00.”

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor. www.itnewsafrica.com

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