Top 4 Free SMS Providers (Ghana Phone Numbers)

The Short Messaging Service is one of the most used functions of mobile phones. SMS contribute to 20% of telecommunication operators’ revenues. For businesses, SMS Marketing is an effective and efficient way to communicate with clients. It is not going to replace Email Marketing but it is getting more popular every day as the results speak for themselves. There are two times as many active SMS users as are active users of email. On Average text messages are read within 4 minutes compared to 48 hours with email.

In Ghana, over 60% of the population has access to a mobile phone, thus SMS, (Ghana National Communications Authority) against less than 10% for Internet access (March 2011 Statistics). It is possible to send SMS from a computer with an Internet connection via a SMS Gateway. Once you are online and you would like to an send SMS to a Ghana phone number from your computer, you can try any of the following 4 websites:

  1. You get one free SMS every day to any phone number in Ghana. No registration required. Works 100%. Quick SMS Delivery.
  2. Registration required. Only 90 characters in SMS.
  3. Registration Required. 160 Characters in SMS. One SMS per couple of days.
  4. Pretty straightforward. No registration required. Two free SMS per day.

If you know more free SMS providers (for Ghana) that you have successfully used, then send them to me so I can update the post.

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