Top 10 Most Visited Ghanaian Websites

made-in-ghanaI went on to today, to find out how my various websites are performing against the competition. The result was not impressive and I found out that there are lots of improvements that I could be make to increase my websites ranking. However, I also looked at the most visited Ghanaian (made in Ghana) websites and below is a list:

  1. MyJoyOnline News:
  2. GhanaWeb:
  3. Peace FM:
  4. Multi TV World:
  5. Modern Ghana:
  6. Ghana News Link:
  7. University of Ghana:
  8. BusinessGhana:
  9. Citi FM Online – Ghana:
  10. Ghana Business News:

Some other popular website in Ghana are: Microsoft’s MSN, Facebook, Google, Amazon. In a previous post, I looked at The Top 5 Google Search Terms in Ghana.

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