The New Hotmail: is a webmail service from Microsoft currently available in a preview and will eventually replace Hotmail. features Microsoft’s Metro design language, and closely mimics the interface of the Outlook desktop software. During the preview, new email addresses were made available to all users, and existing Hotmail users were able to opt into the interface.

Your email address, password, emails, contacts, and files remain the same—with a few added advantages:

  • Outlook is modern—you get a fresh, clean design that’s intuitive to use.
  • Outlook is connected—your conversations come to life with your friends’ photos, Tweets, and recent Facebook updates.
  • Outlook is productive—you get free Word, Excel, and PowerPoint web apps built in with 7 GB of free cloud storage.
  • Outlook is private—you’re in control of your data, and your personal conversations aren’t used for ads.

And, of course, Outlook gives you virtually unlimited storage and less spam—and works on your PC, Mac, phone, and tablet.

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