Solutions To Money Problems

money stackIt is sometimes pitiful how many projects are never born or die simply because of the flimsy excuse : “I don’t have enough money !” There are many possible solutions to money problems. When you have a practical, inspirational, exceptional idea, don’t ask the question : “How much will it cost ?” until the concept is fully considered, discussed and examined.

First ask opportunity spotting questions like:

  • Is this a need filling idea ?
  • Would it be a great idea for the society ?

If it appears that the idea would fill a need or solve a problem or create opportunities or contribute to growth or bring about fruitful improvements, then ask the question : “How can I raise the needed funds ?”. If the idea meets all the tests and you want it to be launched, you will be able to find a way to finance your dream. I want to share with you in this post 5 ways to overcome the “money problems”.

  • Dreams cost nothing. Do you have a dream ? Then remember this : “All great projects begin with a dream.” Projects can be started without a single cent. If you have a need filling, glorifying, inspiring, imaginative idea, share it with trusting, positive thinkers and you will at least give your dream a chance to come alive. The most valuable product in the world is an idea and good ideas magnetically attract support from unexpected sources.
  • You can do a lot with a little. You can organize a corporation with very little. It doesn’t cost too much to have letterheads and calling cards printed. So you can begin almost anything for very little cash. When dedicated leaders invest their best time, energy and money in a project, they inspire other investors to come their way. Investors are attracted to imaginative, daring and honest leaders. A young man or woman with big dreams and a little money, putting all that he has into his idea, will find support coming from the kinds of people who can lead him or here to success.
  • Just because you don’t have money doesn’t mean you can’t get it. You make people happy when you help them spend their money. The profit motive is a good motive if you look upon money as a means of improving your society, your family, your church or your own mind and body. The love of money is the root of evil only if money becomes an end in itself instead of a means to greater service. So, get all the money you need. The man who gets the money is the man who believes that he can.
  • You can build your fortune on borrowed money. There are millions of dollars waiting to be loaned out to worthy enterprises and to responsible and would be businessmen or women. All money acquired in the banks and savings and loan institutions must be invested. If you can’t borrow from commercial institutions, you can often borrow from private individuals. Somehow, some way, you can borrow money to get started. And remember that debt is not necessarily a disgrace. Often debt is material evidence of a man’s courage and confidence. Often you may never succeed unless you have faith enough to dare to go out and borrow money.
  • You can harness the pyramiding power of time. Let time solve your money problems. Harness the calender and let it harvest the crop of money that is raised each year from the fertile fields of free enterprise. It’s quite possible that money is not your problem after all. Your problem may be a lack of patience. So learn how to harness time to let time make money for you.

If you have suffered financial failure remember this: “Fear is more disgraceful than failure.” It is a greater disgrace not to dare to try again than it is to try and fail. Read the story of most millionaires and you will find that many have been bankrupt at least once. Don’t let that old cry : “I don’t have enough money !”, keep you from accomplishing worthwhile projects. There will be a way. When you need an expert, hire one. Don’t try to be one.

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Lionnel Yamentou Ndzogoue is a young African dreamer, with the vision of creating 10,000 or more jobs in Africa by 2035 in contribution to wealth creation on the continent. This blog is a platform for expressing his thoughts on the world, technology, personal development and other subjects as they come to mind. Some content is republished from other online sources.