The digital file cabinet and online bill payment provider doxo has added The Seattle Times to its list of clients.

Seattle-based doxo helps customers manage their accounts by providing a free digital file cabinet that holds information on the various billing accounts held by each customer. The information includes biller contact details, bills and emails. Doxo also provides cloud-based back-up of customer documents. doxo_website_screenshot

As well as managing the bill delivery and payment of their newspaper subscription account via doxo, Seattle Times subscribers can also manage accounts for other billers.

Doxo can be accessed online or via doxo mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Customers can use doxoPAY to pay bills from their smartphone, or set up auto-pay with user-specified limits.

Documents held on doxo can be printed, downloaded or backed up to a user’s own hard drive or to Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. Users can link their email accounts to import and archive account-related emails.

“Every time a first-class company like The Seattle Times joins doxo, the value grows for doxo users, and network-driven adoption further accelerates for all the providers participating,” Roger Parks, doxo’s co-founder and vice president of business development, said in a news release.

“Given the sophistication of the Seattle-area market and the high penetration of digital tools, we want to offer easy-to-use solutions for subscribers,” Mary Desmond, cash manager at The Seattle Times, added.

Doxo has received venture capital investment from Mohr Davidow Ventures, Sigma Partners and Bezos Expeditions.


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