Renters Picture a New Payment Option with Jumio

jumio_netswipeJumio Inc. is teaming with RentPaidOnline, a service of EFX Financial Services Inc., to make paying the rent as easy as taking a picture. Jumio announced its Netswipe technology will be integrated into RentPaidOnline so that consumers can pay their monthly bills using the embedded camera on their smartphones.

“Our goal is to change the way both residents and property managers think about rental payments, giving tenants multiple ways to pay and helping landlords get paid on time,” said Steven Foster, chief business development officer-EVP, RentPaidOnline. “By enabling residents to simply scan their credit card with their phone’s camera, Jumio helps make paying rent simple, secure and painless.”

Jumio’s Netswipe scans and validates credit card data using a smartphone’s camera. The technology is completely secure, the company said, and doesn’t store payment credentials on the phone. Tenants are able to pay rent in approximately five seconds versus the minute it takes to manually enter payment credentials, Jumio said.

“Until recently, consumers had very few options when it came to paying their rent beyond putting a check into snail mail and hoping it made it to the other end on time,” said Marc Barach, chief marketing officer, Jumio. “RentPaidOnline gives tenants the option to make payments on-the-go both online and via a streamlined mobile experience. With Netswipe, RentPaidOnline customers can now make a payment in a matter of seconds, helping to further ease the worry around making another late rent payment.”


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