NuWallet Offers a New Wallet

electronic walletNuWallet Inc., a provider of mobile payment and personal information management applications said its NuWallet application is ready for general use. The app is a “comprehensive, secure and private consumer digital wallet for mobile devices,” the company said.

Like other digital wallets, NuWallet’s solution gives users a place to store their payment credentials, address and personal data all in one application.

The difference with NuWallet is that the app itself stores consumers’ information locally on the device using PIN encryption. Thus, nothing is stored “in the cloud,” which is meant to address concerns consumers might have about letting data out of their control, where it might be stolen or combined with other data to track their purchases and behavior.

NuWallet also touts its application’s ability to consolidate information in one place, eliminating the need for consumers to manage multiple accounts. The app lets users store not only payment credentials but also passwords, banking account numbers, prescription numbers, insurance information and loyalty programs.

Additonally, NuWallet offers the following features:

  • My Stores — a personal “shopping center” where consumers can bookmark online shopping sites with one-tap navigation
  • My Settings — a place to store multiple credit, debit and merchant cards as well as shipping addresses or account PINs
  • My Notes — a virtual notebook that allows users to store personal, private information securely

NuWallet, based in Dallas, said its free app is available now for iOS and Android devices at Apple’s App Store and at Google Play.


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