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Android Phone
Android Phone

I now own an Android phone, which I bought from Chinese wholesale website about 4 weeks ago. This post is about my experience with

DHgate is a Wholesale Marketplace designed to help international small buyers more efficiently shop their supplies from China on the Web. Thousands of people make a (very) good living by buying in bulk from China and selling in other countries (including US and UK). DHgate has a collection of over 3,000,000 million products ranging from cell phone accessories to high end truck equipment.

A large portion of sellers on are manufacturers, so they give the best possible price for their items as they ship straight from the factories. Some wholesalers are established names in the electronics market in China and have years of experience selling worldwide. makes it easier for manufacturers to connect to more customers from more locations outside China. (Source:

As a regular follower of the buzz on Google and its Android platform, I was very eager to get an Android powered device. I did some window shopping in Accra, Ghana and realized that the cheapest original Android phone I  could get was a Samsung Galaxy 5, for 250 Ghana Cedis (approx. $172 USD). I had budgeted $100 USD for that gadget so I decided to search online for a better deal. runs an impressive campaign on the Google Adwords network. When I was ready to buy, I spent 2 hours on the website (DHgate) looking for the best deal for my budget. I was skeptical at first but after reading review from people who bought from DHgate, I decided to plunge. With all the crazy stories we hear in African about the terrible quality of Chinese goods, it took quite some courage. My brother recommended me not to buy via DHgate because he was scared I would be scammed. I said to myself, no pain no gain. 🙂

Hopefully, there has been no pain but a gain. I strongly recommend for buying from China in wholesale or retail. Delivery via DHL was cheap and fast. In 5 days after my payment was confirmed, I received my phone in a very strong package and all accessories as described by the seller.

DHgate has a strong buyer protection system and a very good fraud prevention system. If they have the slightest doubt about your identity or the payment channel you use, they simply will not do business with you. I highly recommend for your wholesale purchases from China.

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