19 year old Ghanaian, Gabriel Opare has created a video search engine that can search and stream from multiple destinations on the internet in one place. The search engine called Mudclo is as I can confidently say a preamble of the ingenuity that the youth of the African continent are exhibiting.

Business culture is on the increase in Africa with startups springing up in every nook and cranny of the continent. The African youth are dedicating valuable time to solving persisting social problems and inventing breakthrough technology that projects our continent. Gabriel Opare, the Ghanaian college undergrad is doing nothing less of this.

The University of Ghana second year student hasn’t only created a search engine but has built a solid platform on which he can further expand Mudclo to become the global leader in video search, a worthy competition to AOL, Blinkx etc. With over 13,000 followers and ranked among the top 9% social media influencers by Klear, the startup Mudclo which begun a month ago, under the leadership of Gabriel Opare with the right business ethics, mentorship, funding etc can accurately be a kind of Google of Africa; an inescapable element in the technological lives of the average African.

Visit the website here: www.mudclo.com

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