Just say “Thank You!” [Video]

Thank you in multiple languagesWe are all living busy lives, but it is important to have a grateful hearts. Thousands of sermons have been preached and thousands of books have been written about the subject of gratitude. Interestingly, the two easiest words to learn and remember in any language are “please” and “thank you”. Anybody who can speak any language can memorize with virtually no effort, how to say those two words in at least one other language.

Today I said thank you more than 20 times, interacting with only 4 people. That is an average of 5 thank you per every person I spoke with today. When was the last time you said thank you? Do you say thank you enough? Are you a grateful person? If your life is so upside down that you can’t find nothing to be grateful for, let me give you a few of my favorite:

  • Being able to afford spending time writing (or reading) this article
  • Waking up every morning in good health (or still alive if you are in bad health)
  • Having someone to share your successes (or failures) with; spouse, child, sibling, friend, colleague, pet, etc…

In general, I don’t need any reason to say thank you.  Like Gotthold Lessing said, “A single grateful thought toward heaven is the most complete prayer.” Express gratitude throughout the day. Not in thoughts toward heaven, but toward people around you, in two words: Thank You!

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Lionnel Yamentou Ndzogoue is a young African dreamer, with the vision of creating 10,000 or more jobs in Africa by 2035 in contribution to wealth creation on the continent. This blog is a platform for expressing his thoughts on the world, technology, personal development and other subjects as they come to mind. Some content is republished from other online sources.