Judo launches educational site for m-commerce and payments

Judo-Pay-LogoThe U.K. mobile payment provider judo has launched judoHub as a repository of content and educational broadcasts to help businesses, journalists and app developers understand and learn about m-commerce and payments.

Judo said the site was inspired by the growing number of requests it has received from companies that want help implementing mobile payments.

“The potential for mobile payments is massive; many app developers and companies ask for our help around mobile commerce,” Michael De Jongh, judo’s VP of marketing, said in a news release. “JudoHub has been designed to help decode m-commerce and help more people understand everything from the delivery of processing a transaction through a mobile device to the latest mobile trends.”

“The m-commerce business model will soon be as ubiquitous as e-commerce,” Dennis Jones, judo’s CEO, said. “JudoHub has been launched to help companies and app developers understand and prepare for this business revolution. With our regular tutorials, infographics, broadcasts and top tips, all the information you need to understand m-commerce can be digested effortlessly.”

Judo describes its solution as an easy, ready-to-install back-end system for payment processing that takes the hassle out of creating a system from scratch, allowing developers to focus more time on the quality of the apps they produce.

Source: www.mobilepaymentstoday.com

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