How to Write a Web Design Proposal

ipad-web-designI am not a big fan of writing but working as a freelancer for a few years now, there is one document which is critical in the success of every web design project: a Web Design Proposal. Clients advertise their projects and prepare Requests For Proposals (RFPs), and designers reply with web design proposals.

Web design proposals provide answers to the most common questions prospective clients have about their web projects. The parts of a web design proposal are as follows:

  • Company Name and Logo
  • Your Contact Information
  • Client’s Name and Contact Information
  • Confidentiality Statement
  • Description of your Company
  • Goals of the Project
  • Project Phases
  • Timeline
  • Fees
  • Signatures

You should not consider the web design proposal a contract unless the client has read and agreed to it. You can decide to add or remove sections to the outline above, depending on the nature and scope of the project. As a general rule, always provide as much information as possible to make the client choose your proposal over the competition.

There is a more comprehensive article on Web Design Proposals on

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