Glo Gista

glo man and womanGlo Mobile Ghana, the African telecommunications giant, today outdoored a new product, the “Glo Gista” , packaged to heighten the network experience of Glo subscribers and to empower customers to take full advantage of their mobile phones to develop their businesses and social relationships.

Glo Gista, is a special consumer package which enables Glo’s pre-paid subscribers to call any network in the country at only six Ghana pesewas per minute and gives away up to 100% recharge bonuses, free SMS throughout the day after the customer’s first two SMSs, and offers under its Free Night Calls freebies, 100MB free data for browsing and 100 minutes worth of airtime for calls from Glo to Glo. The package also contains a five-member Family and Friends offer which drastically slashes the cost of per minute calls down to Gp2, all SMS to Gp2  and grants free SMS throughout the day after the customer’s first two SMS.

‘Over these past four months following the launch of our commercial operations in Ghana, we have been working assiduously to ensure that our customers and subscribers enjoy a network experience which meets their daily needs and peculiar demands,’ Mr. Augustine Mamuro, Head of Commercial, told journalists at a Press Conference in Accra today.

‘It is our quest to empower the average Glo customer and avail him of a more rewarding and less restrictive mobile network experience that we have put together the Gista package, which consumers will soon realize is even far juicier than our popular ‘Good Day Ghana’ offer,’ Mr Mamuro said explaining that the new package, ‘Glo Gista’ will run concurrently with the ‘Good Day Ghana’ offer but all existing and new subscribers who wished to take advantage of Glo Gista shall have to do so through a migration code which he gave as: *200*1*1#.

Talking about the name of the new offer, Mr. Mamuro said “Gist”, is an English word which refers to the essential part of anything including conversation, and ‘to gist’ happens to be the freestyle parlance among young people for chit-chat and free talk. The name ‘Gista’ was accordingly inspired by the essential feature of the Gista offer – which, he said is the licence and the freedom to talk and talk again on the Glo Network without any inhibition.

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