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Glo MobileCurrent mobile subscriber base figures from the Ghana National Communication Authority (NCA) ending May 31, 2012 indicate Glo Mobile Ghana has scooped some two per cent market share after just one month of its operations in Ghana.

The mobile subscriber league table indicates Glo finished its first month of operations with 468,508 subscribers, which is about three times the subscribers of the only CDMA network, Expresso, which finished the period with 195,670 representing one per cent market share.

Glo officials had earlier indicated they had an understanding with the NCA not to publish their subscriber base until after 100 days of operations, when they have fully optimized their network, but an official of the NCA said “we are not aware of any such agreement.”

But a reliable source at Glo told Adom News the company’s current subscriber base and market share are significantly higher than the May figure, and that would be reflected in subsequent reports from the NCA.

Meanwhile the total number of mobile lines connected so far has increased to 22,453,907, with market leader MTN also increasing subscribers to 10,644,804, representing a fairly stable 47%.

Vodafones consolidated it second position with 4,671,999 subscribers, represents 21% of the total market share, and
Tigo came in third with its usual marginal decrease in subscriber base to close the period with 3,457,427 subscribers, representing 15% market share.

Airtel has for the first time entered the three millionth zone, finishing the period with 3,015,499 subscribers, representing 14% of the total market share.

Expresso had reversed it falling spree in the first quarter, but dipped again this time round to 195,670 subscribers, representing one per cent market share.

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