Glo [Ghana] is dying. Seriously?

Glo logoIn an earlier post about Glo Ghana, I reported their publicly announced launch date for January 19, 2012. I just came across an article on claiming that “Glo is dying” and I strongly disagree with the article’s title. [update: The article appeared on on 14th January 2012 and was deleted on 16th January 2012 –]


GLO Is Dying

Every business (small or large) is bound to face challenges at one point or the other in its existence. These alledged unpaid consultancy and workmen fees is surely a big deal for the unpaid workers but I don’t personally believe fees have not been paid because there is no money available. I rather think the delay in payment is due to internal organizational challenges with Glo Ghana, not to lack of money.

Glo Nigeria so far has invested millions of dollars in building a competitive telecom company in Ghana and they will surely not stop now, as Ghana remains a good destination for investors due to the political stability and other equaly important factors.

It would be good if Glo Ghana management team made an official comment on the matter. The announced launch date of Glo Ghana has not been changed to the best of my knowledge, and is just in a couple of days. I am pretty confident that the issues raised in that article on will be addressed before the media starts giving much more attention to the complainants.

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