Ghana Post launches “TXTNPAY”

Ghana PostGhana Post Limited on Thursday May 17, 2012  launched a new product dubbed: “TXTNPAY” to sustain and improve their revenue generation which has reduced considerably due to technological innovation in the communication sector. The new product launched in collaboration with Afric Xpress, an electronic payment solution provider focused on mobile payments, is an electronic pay point platform for various products and services including DSTV, Vodafone landline and broadband, sale of electronic credit for recharging phone accounts.

Mr Abdulai Abdual Rafiu, Managing Director of Ghana Post, said the new product would be cost effective, timely and convenient, considering the wider network spread across the country, and called on institutions and organisations to partner with them since they would find the partnership extremely beneficial. “We are delivering a wealth of new innovative products and services as a way of diversifying our operations to bring in more non-core business to improve revenue,” Mr Rafiu said.

Mr Kofi Nyantakyi, Member of the Board of Directors of Ghana Post, said with the presence of Ghana Post everywhere, the new product offer business opportunities for anyone wishing to undertake business transaction with them. He said the technical cooperation with Afric Xpress and the spread of Ghana Post nationwide helped in the TXTNPAY initiative with the interest of providing services to the public.

Mr Mahama Yussif, Afric Xpress Representative, explained that members of the public could enjoy the convenience of staying in the comfort of their homes and using a mobile phone-based secure payment system that would enable its users to send money to anyone with the mobile phone. He told GNA that people could subscribe at no cost and get an e-wallet, where customers would deposit money in their account and use at their convenience or go to the post office to use the service. “TXTNPAY is designed to make it easier for mobile phone users, financial service providers and merchants to interact through personalised and integrated platform accessible across a range of mobile devices while protecting consumers’ confidential data.”

Mr Otu Acheampong, Head of Public Relations, said the introduction of the product would improve customer traffic at post offices and certainly attract other services which the post office was rendering to help them face the modern challenges in business.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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