Ghana Cellular/Mobile Voice Market Share 2012

ghana mobile subscribers 2011 2012I have been following the trends in Ghana telecom operators subscribers base and it is interesting to see what the statistics will reveal next year in 2013, with the long awaited official commercial launch of the 6th licensed operator (Glo Ghana) in April 2012.

There are 21,381,137 mobile subscriber in Ghana as of February 2012. MTN, the South African telecom giant has the lion’s share, 48%. Second with 21% market share in Ghana is Vodafone, the UK based second largest mobile operator in the world. Tigo and Airtel follow with 17% and 13% respectively. The last is Expresso with 183,670 subscribers, representing 1% market share.

Operator Feb 2011 Feb 2012 Growth %
EXPRESSO 226,924 183,670 -1.23
TIGO 4,135,774 3,693,999 -12.54
MTN 8,967,067 10,323,334 38.49
VODAFONE 2,881,215 4,366,536 42.15
AIRTEL 1,646,501 2,813,598 33.12
TOTAL 17,857,481 21,381,137 16.48

Comparing the statistics between February 2011 and February 2012 shows that the biggest winner is Vodafone, followed by MTN. The biggest looser is Tigo with a loss of 12.54% subcribers during the 12 months period.

Glo Ghana during its number reservation exercise started over a month ago, has already signed up over 1.5 million subscribers. It would be interesting to see what the statistics show in February 2013.

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