Customers may soon be able to order and pay for their Chick-fil-A meal through their smartphones. According to CNBC, the chain is currently testing a mobile ordering and payment iPhone app at six locations — in Chicago, Pearland, Texas, Costa Mesa, Calif., Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Fla., and Arlington, Va. chick fil a a

“We’re testing a mobile ordering app. We’re still trying to figure this out — this being mobile ordering and what it means for the fast-food industry,” a spokesperson told CNBC. If the pilot leads to a national rollout, franchisees will be able to choose whether or not to opt in. A decision should be made “within the year or so.”

Mobile ordering is starting to pick up in the QSR space. The Chick-fil-A news comes on the heels of Yum! Brands’ Analyst Day last week, in which Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed also suggested a mobile ordering app launch in the New Year. Sonic and Subway have also tested mobile ordering, and Jersey Mike’s newly-launched app features an ordering platform as well.


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