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cardiopad projectBelow is an innovative enterprise by a young Cameroonian which I thought is worth mentioning.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) represent an important public health problem in Cameroon and in developing countries. According to the 2004 annual report of WHO they represent 22% of overall mortality in Central Africa, which is equivalent to 2 million deaths per year (only in Central Africa). This is compounded by lack of access to cardiac exams. In Cameroon, for example, there are fewer than 30 cardiologists for a population of over 20 million people. So one question is paused: How to ensure that all Cameroonians whatever their social status Rich or poor, and whatever their places of residence town or country can all receive the same care and the same attention from cardiologists when we are less than 30 per 20 million inhabitants?

To solve the problem we propose a solution while distinguishing two levels. A local level which represents each hospital or laboratory where it is possible to perform cardiac exams. And an overall level that represents the country, regional or global.
To solve the problem at the local level we offer an electronic device for performing examinations ECG (Electrocardiogram): The CARDIO-PAD (we have designed and develop it ourselves, see Appendix P.22). And at a global level we offer a Wide Area Network we called CARDIOGLOB that will consolidate hospitals and cardiologists and allowing a comprehensive data management and cardiac medical services.

Himore Medical is a company that designs and manufactures embedded systems (autonomous electronic and computer system) to use and provided medical services to hospitals by providing the necessary equipment to perform remote examinations at low prices.

This business will consist of several engineers and specialists of all stripes working together in order to find technological solutions to the problems of the most devastating public health in Africa such as malaria CVD and many more.

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