Braintree LogoPayment gateway provider Braintree has reached a new milestone and continues to add high profile online merchants to its stable of clients. The company announced it is now processing $10 billion in payments annually. Additionally, according to a news release, it has signed Sweden-based Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, and social gifting company Wrapp as customers.

Though hitting $10 billion in payment processing is certainly big news, what may make the event even more momentous is that Braintree said more than 25 percent of traffic is originating from outside of the United States. The company only began offering its service to international merchants last August.

“Every month we are hearing from innovative companies in Europe looking to bring their businesses to market or to expand internationally. To date, they have not had a payment solution that they could count on and they have been desperately looking for a better option,” said Klas Bäck, general manager for international at Braintree. “With Braintree, our customers can focus on doing what they do best — building great products — and leave the payments part to us.”

The company also just opened an office in Australia to further its ambitions down under.

Braintree, which has raised more than $40 million, is part of a new wave of online payment gateways, companies that connect merchants to the payment rails, that cater to mobile commerce and provide developers with a simple method for integrating payments.

Braintree’s client roster includes Airbnb, LivingSocial, and Uber. It offers services in more than 40 countries and processes payments in more than 130 currencies.


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