Achimota Melcom Collapse

melcom achimotaIt is reported that the ultra modern Melcom building at Achimota-Neoplan has collapsed. Reports say an unspecified number of persons have been trapped in the rubble, while rescue efforts are under way. Witnesses say the four-storey building caved in suddenly Wednesday morning arround 9:20 a.m.

Joy FM’s Rashidat Kadiri who was at the scene reported that at least two bodies have been recovered but the fate of many more trapped inside is not known yet. Joy News’ Elton John Brobbey, who is at the scene, has reported that three people have been confirmed dead.

The cause of the collapse is unknown at this moment and we hope an investigation will be conducted to determine exactly what happened and hold someone responsible for this dreadful incident. Have a good thought for the victims still trapped under the wreckage.

News Reporter
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