9 False Assumptions About Money

Most of what we know about money is based upon false assumptions. Wealth is when small efforts produce large results, poverty is when large efforts produce small results. We have been programmed from childhood to look at money in a way that, for most people, keeps them in poverty. Working your butt off will not necessarily make you wealthy.  Hard work is no guarantee of wealth, but smart work certainly is.

You subconscious mind has been programmed to accept and believe the following false assumptions about money. If you are able to reject those assumptions from your subconscious mind and re-program yourself to think like wealthy people do, you would be one step closer to financial abundance and wealth.

  • Assumption #1:  Having a job is good and leads ultimately to wealth.

How many baby boomers do you know who are wealthy after over 25 years of working experience? The numbers speak for themselves.

  • Assumption #2: Saving money is a good investment.

Savings is good, it helps you to be disciplined. But do not count on saving money to acquire wealth. It certainly takes more than just saving money, especially with the rapid depreciation of the value of our paper currency.

  • Assumption #3: Debt is bad – avoid it like the plague.

Over 90% of successful and established businesses started with debt. Good debt is good, avoid bad debt (consumer debt) like plague. Not all debt is bad debt.

  • Assumption #4: Security is good.

Step out of your comfort zone, your safe areas to experience increase and growth. Risk is an essential part of progress. Learn to view it positively, as an essential step in the road to wealth.

  • Assumption #5: Failure is bad.

The greater your failures, the more splendid your success. Read stories of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas A. Edison.

  • Assumption #6: Wealth is measured in material possessions.

Wealth is not money. Money and material possession are external. True wealth is an internal part of wealthy people. You could be materially rich and not wealthy.

  • Assumption #7: Someone else (employer, government, etc…) is responsible for my financial well being.

The only responsibility of human beings towards you was to make sure you successfully transition from your mother’s womb to a new born baby. Consider yourself privileged to  have had anything else. Your success is up to you and answers lie within you.

  • Assumption #8: Acquiring wealth is a win-lose game.

There is enough wealth on earth for all its inhabitants to live like kings. The sun shines for everyone and there is enough sun out there for nobody to have to remain in the shadows, unless he/she prefers the shadows.

  • Assumption #9: It takes money to make money.

You don’t always need money to make money, at least not money from your pocket. Armed with good ideas and strategic execution plans, people will happily give you their money.

The 9 assumptions are from the book Creating Wealth by G. Allen.

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Lionnel Yamentou Ndzogoue is a young African dreamer, with the vision of creating 10,000 or more jobs in Africa by 2035 in contribution to wealth creation on the continent. This blog is a platform for expressing his thoughts on the world, technology, personal development and other subjects as they come to mind. Some content is republished from other online sources.