5 Resolutions for the New Year (2012)

ResolutionsGood ideas are common. What’s uncom­mon is peo­ple who will work hard enough to bring them about. 2011 was overall a wonderful year. My family and I were blessed beyond what we asked for, and I am hopeful that the God we believe in will keep all the promises He made to us; Promises of love, abundance, health and prosperity. I wish you a great 2012!

That being said, every new year comes with a set of new decisions (aka resolutions) that we try to commit to throughout the next 12 months. In this post, I want to look at 5 resolutions I made for myself.

  • Finish writing and publish that book. I started writing my first book in February 2010 and somehow I paused on the project. I am determined to make it a priority this year. I will publish the book by the end of 2012.

  • Read 12 new books. Leaders are readers (maybe it is the other way around). My favorite authors are Brian Tracy and Robert Kiyosaki. I have read over 7 books by Brian Tracy and 90% of books written by Robert Kiyosaki. This year, I will also read books by Suze Orman and read from Donald Trump as well.

  • Attend 1 meetup meeting every month. Last year I discovered meetup.com and I love it. I have been to only one meetup last year but I intend to be part of 12 meetups this year. My areas of interest are: volunteering, hiking, public speaking and business networking. I encourage you to join a meetup group in your area: www.meetup.com

  • Get a personal life coach. I think I need a life coach and I will get one this year. An alternative to getting a life coach would be to ask one experience business person to be my mentor. I have not yet settled on getting a life coach but if by June I don’t have a mentor who is able to spend enough time with me, I will go for a personal life coach, preferably from The Rich Dad Company.

I promise to give you a report at the end of 2012 on what I would have achieved. Hopefully I would have been able to complete everything on my list. I want you to also come up with such a list of resolutions and take practical steps to realize everything on your list. Once again, have a prosperous 2012!

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