5 Essential Rules for Effective Communication

communication skillsThe ability to communicate effectively cannot be emphasized enough as a key factor for achieving success in any endeavor. I have recently been given the opportunity to help in creating a new Toastmasters International Club and I am taking on the challenge head on.

As I present the opportunity of becoming a charter member of a Toastmasters Club to fellow schoolmates and many times total strangers, I have realized that clarity in communication is essential to be understood. I recently spent about 20 minutes trying to sell my Toastmasters Club membership to a friend and was about to give up when a third person joined the conversation and simplified the message I was trying to communicate during the previous 20 minutes. I closed the sale once my message was presented in more simple words.

After that experience, I did some research to hone my communication skills and would like to share with you 5 essential rules for effective communication.

  • Simplicity. Use simple words. Phobia means “strong fear”. Instead of saying phobia, say “strong fear”. Choose as many simple words as possible to make sure your message can be understood by a greater audience.
  • Brevety. Use short sentences. Keep it simple. The shorter your message, the more chances it will be understood; assuming you used simple words.
  • Credibility. People need to believe it to buy it. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Most consumers do not buy products, they buy brands. Is your brand trustworthy?
  • Consistency. Finding a good message and sticking with it takes great discipline but the rewards are worth the task.
  • Novelty. If something does not shock or surprise us, we move on to something else. Offer something new, offer a new definition of an old idea.

If you pay attention to those 5 element as your communicate, you are on your way to becoming a more effective communicator.

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