Creating a Powerful Password

| July 7, 2012

PasswordMost financial institutions have multiple layers of protection, as you will discover when you enroll in online banking. But you can help by adding an extra layer yourself, which starts with a powerful password.

Paul Tichy, president of Appaloosa Business Services in Lake Oswego, Oregon, has these suggestions:

  • Don’t make your password something that is easily guessable by both friends and strangers, such as your mother’s maiden name, your birth date or parts of your Social Security number.
  • Include at least one number and one capital letter in your password, if possible. Some sites do not distinguish between capital and lower-case letters.
  • Make your password at least six characters long.
  • Try to make your password as random as possible, using combinations of letters and numbers that do not spell out words or use known sequences.
  • Pick a different password for each site you use.

Don’t keep your banking password with your banking information in your home or on your person. Memorize your password and shred any papers that contain it.

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